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Virtual Classroom Courses

Mobile MOUSe has long been the leading Classroom Training Provider for Perth, Western Australia.

ONE DAY COURSES: $265 (L!Ve Attendees)
TWO DAY COURSES: $550 (L!Ve Attendees)

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We now move into a new era. Due to the threat of the continued spread of COVID-19 virus and its effect on public health and the economy, we have decided to launch L!Ve (Live Interactive Virtual Education and Training) for all Corporate and Public courses (using real trainers), as an additional learning option. We believe this will soon be the way of the future.

These virtual courses, mimic the outlines of our existing highly rated courses, but in a digital format. The online virtual computer courses will now be able to be attended 100% LIVE!!! As they are Interactive and instructor-led, students will have the ability to follow along on their own machines (from anywhere) and interact much as if they were in an actual classroom.

For the time being we are still running classroom courses (in a very self-limited capacity), but students now have the additional option to "L!Ve Dial In" to classroom courses at a greatly discounted rate.

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Sneek Peak

Take a quick sneak peek at an actual L!Ve session. Please note the attendee faces have been blurred intentionally.

Perth Virtual Computer Courses

L!Ve (You Attend Remotely)

• Eliminates communal risks currently associated with the COVID-19 Pandemic.
• We will be using the same quality trainers that we always do.
• There is no need for travel.
• Participants can attend from anywhere (as long as they have a reliable internet connection).
• All participants are able to interact with each other and complete “hands on” practical exercises.
• Clients are able to request closed private sessions exclusively for themselves or their staff.
• Enrolments for these courses will be done in the same way as our normal booking process, one difference being; is that candidates will be sent a clickable link (in advance) to join the scheduled session as opposed to actually attending at a physical venue.
• As an additional incentive, public L!Ve course students will be allowed (at no extra charge) to physically sit the course at our venue at a later scheduled date.

$265 (1 Day Courses: L!Ve Attendees)

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$550 (2 Day Courses: L!Ve Attendees)

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Onsite and Inhouse Training Courses

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Basic & Intermediate Computer Courses

Microsoft Excel New Users (Basics)
Microsoft Excel Essentials (Intermediate)
Word New Users (Basics Course)
Word Essentials (Intermediate Course)
SharePoint Site Users (Intermediate Course)
PC Orientation 101 (Computer Basics Course)
Outlook Essentials (Outlook Course)
Time Management in Outlook (Intermediate Course)
PowerPoint Essentials (PowerPoint Training Course)
Publisher Essentials (Microsoft Publisher Course)
Visio Essentials (Microsoft Visio Course)
Adobe Acrobat Pro (Acrobat Pro Course)
Online Computer Training Courses

Advanced & 2 Day Computer Courses

Excel Expert (Advanced)
Excel Formula Workshop (Advanced)
Excel VBA Essentials (Advanced)
Excel Dashboards Day 1 (Advanced)
Excel Dashboards Day 2 (Advanced)
Word Expert (Advanced)
Word Complex Documents (Advanced)
SharePoint Site Owners (Advanced)
Project Essentials (Microsoft Project Course)
Access Essentials (Microsoft Access Course)

How Does Virtual Online Training Work?

We will still use real live trainers to conduct the session and guide participants.

Enrolled participants will be sent a session invitation (via email) to attend at a set date and time. Participants should click this link 15-20 minutes before the set time and log in, as this may speed up the familiarisation process overall.

The invitation email will also contain a link for participants to download their resources for the day, including a PDF student manual and course practice files. In addition, practice files can easily be transferred to and from participants during the session.

At the commencement of each session there will be a short “how-to” for all participants, e.g. how to do a “digital hand raise,” access the whiteboard features and other fundamental collaboration features. This is important, as no doubt, this will be new for a vast majority of participants.

During the day, the trainer will conduct and guide students to actively participate in the exercises and complete skill driven tasks, thereby imparting “hands-on” learning, in the same way, as if they were physically attending a class.

Online Virtual Remote Training Course Delivery

Typically L!Ve Virtual Remote training courses can be attended or conducted in variations of one of the following ways:

“L!Ve Dial In” (Public or Corporate Training)
Mobile MOUSe courses (run at our Venue), will be made available to L!Ve registrations. Students can attend digitally (L!Ve ) or in person. L!Ve participants also have the option to sit the physical course at a later date (at no extra charge). For more details, see the info on pages 2 and 3 of this PDF (332Kb).

“L!Ve Solo” (Corporate Training)
Mobile MOUSe hosts a L!Ve training session, exclusively for the Client. Students would sit at their own desk (home or work) and connect to the hosted corporate training session, physically separate from other users. For more details, see the info on pages 2 and 3 of this PDF (332Kb).

“L!Ve Room” (Corporate Training)
Mobile MOUSe hosts a L!Ve training session , exclusively for the Client. A designated laptop (which we can supply at no charge), is used as a “projector”, out-putting the trainers presentation to a larger projection surface which the students follow and interact with. This allows for greater Social Distancing with the ability to divide into smaller groups, all participating at the same time. For more details, see the info on pages 2 and 3 of this PDF (332Kb).

“L!Ve Blended” (Corporate Training)
Mobile MOUSe hosts a L!Ve training session as well as a physical course simultaneously, exclusively for the Client (their venue or ours). Students can then attend as multiple small groups (some physically in the classroom and others via L!Ve). This allows for Social Distancing with smaller groups in attendance at once. For more details, see the info on pages 2 and 3 of this PDF (332Kb).

“L!Ve Conference” (Corporate Training)
In any type room, the Mobile MOUSe facilitator would remotely conference to a big screen. For more details, see the info on pages 2 and 3 of this PDF (332Kb).


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